Latest News – Aug / Sep 2018

September has been quite a month, not just because it was an historic birthday for James, but also because we got to shoot something that has been a creative dream for many years! Princess Cruises hired us to create and execute a massive moment for its new ship. Majestic Princess to arrive into Sydney Harbour. So, we worked with multiple agencies and clients to create a floating runway of lights on the harbour for the ship to “land” on. At 5.15am on a still and stunning morning, she did just that and the months of work paid dividends. Huge projects need huge teams and expertise and this one was no exception.

Other shoots had us shooting everything from the CEO of Qantas for their annual results to being inside the Globe pop-up for Shakespeare enthusiasts in Sydney. Flying across the ditch to New Zealand and to the stunning land of Queenstown and for an extraordinary world first with AJ Hackett New Zealand and their new experience, The Catapult. Firing their guests out across the empty ravine, this new tourist experience had global pick up through our extensive relationship with Getty around the world. Huge coverage in all media made our relationship with Tourism New Zealand and locally based AJ Hackett very pleased clients!

Stay tuned for more exciting projects in coming weeks and months………….