Latest News – May / June 2018
The first three months of 2018 have been exceptionally busy ending with some incredible shoots around the world and some incredible people we have dealt with and photographed!
Fast forwarding (because we are still calming down from it) to the end of March and we have just photographed ex President of the United States of America, Barack Obama. An incredible day for myself and the entire team. A most gratifying experience and probably one of the most nervous ones as well! Thanks to my client at Mastercard for hiring us to handle all photography for the Sydney visit. A day not to forget!
Apart from that, a massive set of assignments for Qantas had us in Singapore, then returning to Sydney and then back up to London on aviation’s most important story of the year, the Dreamliner Boeing 787 first direct flight from Australia to Europe. A whopping 17 hours and 6 mins had Captain Lisa Norman fly the amazing aircraft direct from Perth, Australia to London’s Heathrow Airport and our team was there on the cold runway to watch it land. Exceptional stills and video led all the media content and we had an amazing time with Qantas and the incredible team from around the world in the delivery of the content.
Finally, to end March and into 1st April 2018 (April Fools Day) we created an exciting piece of content for P&O Cruises Australia – a stunt to celebrate April Fools where we developed a brand new experience called, “Walk the Wire” where guests had the opportunity to walk on a tightrope between two ships! Not really! But our content fooled some of the guests and certainly proved to be successful as an online tool for media. A print ad campaign was also developed by our team and ran in News Limited newspapers in Australia.
So, with Easter having passed we move onto Autumn weather in Oz and Spring in the UK and some exciting projects in the next quarter. Check back to see what goes on! It will certainly need to be good to keep up with the first part of 2018.
More News to come on these months to follow.