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Saturday 23rd. February 2013, REGENT THEATRE, MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA
For the first time the face of the King Kong puppet has been revealed in advance of the June 15 world premiere of the musical that bears his name. Kong was built entirely in Global CreaturesÕ West Melbourne workshop and is the product of nearly five years of development. Weighing 1.1 tonnes and standing 6 metres tall, the sculptural look of the Kong puppet was designed to emphasise his musculature, making him an embodiment of raw masculine energy on stage.

The detail of Kong’s facial expression is delivered by 15 industrial servo motors (the same ones used in the NASA Mars rovers) and 2 hydraulic cylinders, all controlled in real time by an off-stage ‘Voodoo’ puppet operator. The puppeteer has complete control over Kong’s eyebrows, nose, upper lip, lower lip, jaw, corners of the mouth and upper and lower eyelids. The result gives Kong a subtlety of expression normally reserved for high-end film animatronics, and never seen on stage before.

The Voodoo operators are part of KING KONGÕs 17-strong puppetry team, who along with 33 singer/dancers and 76 crew, will bring this modern adaptation of the classic love story to the stage.

KING KONG previews from 28 May at MelbourneÕs Regent Theatre, and due to the size of the production, will not tour to any other city in Australia or New Zealand.

Photo by JAMES MORGAN – please credit if used online or in print

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